Issue from 3.0 to 3.5 Form Checkbox


I updated the lib from 3.0 to 3.5 but I am getting undefined instead of ‘1’ when myForm.send() is called in the new version. Any ideas? This used to work, only change made was update to the lib.


Please, read this:

Create completed demp to reproduce your issue. … leted_demo

I am having the same problem, when I updated the dhtmlx.js file with the new version all input type checkbox in forms started returning undefined when are selected. It seems a bug in the code

I rolled back to 3.0 and problem resolved. 3.5 has a an issue.

I can confirm this. I updated from 3.0 to 3.5 and am affected by the same error.


is it for checkbox?
add value:1 into item conf

So, my code will not work with the new version unless we change it? wouldn’t be easy that the checkbox continue with its default behavior from the old version? (returning 1 when checked)

Another thing you changed that are not compatible with the old version? Will be nice to know which things of the old version are not working anymore instead of loosing time trying to guess what certain features of my apps are not working with the upgrade :cry:

Adding value to the item configuration resolved my issue. Please add breaking changes to documentation for new releases.

Hi all

you can attach your version of dhtmlx.js or form.js and I will add changed.
or you can add them manualy,

dhtmlXForm.prototype.items.checkbox = {
render:function(…) {

item._value = (typeof(data.value)==“undefined”?null:String(data.value));

getValue: function(…) {
return ((typeof(item._value)==“undefined”||item._value==null)?(item._checked?1:0):item._value);

The same in dhtmlx.js

This will rerun 1 for checked checkbox if value not set in init

Great!, thanks for the code to fix it!

(I hope this fix will be in the next release :smiley: )