Issue in documentation for "Iterating Over Data"


Hi All,

I am using dhtmlx3.0 and when ever i iterate dhtmlXGridObject using standard for loop and forEachRow() method behavior is different then documentation-

  1. If use standard for loop, documentation says: “In paging mode only the current page is iterated” but actually it iterate all rows irrespective of pages i.e iterate all pages.

Please let me know what i am missing.



Hello Virender.

You’re right, there is a mistake in the docs, we’ll tr yto fix it in the future.
Using the basic for loop will iterate through all the data of your grid, while using the forEachRow() will iterate through the of the current page only.
You may also try to use the forEachRowA() instead of the forEachRow() to iteratge through all the data of your grid.