Issue in IE 9 using splitAt function

I have a issue in IE 9 where i am using the “spliAt(1)” function to lock a column and provide horizontal scroll bar.

In IE 9 it repeats the locked column twice.

Please help me by providing the resolution for the same.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just to add on the below query the function works properly in all other versions of IE

Which version of dhtmlxGrid you are using?
To work correctly in IE9, it must be dhtmlx 3.0 or later

We are using 3.0 version. In this version the issue occurs in the IE 9 Document Mode: IE 9 Standards.

Unfortunately we can’t reconstruct the same issue locally.

Can you provide some kind of sample or demo link where it can be checked ( you can send me a PM with details )

Below is the implementation of my grid.

Here when i use the splitAT function the locked column header repeats itself in IE 9.

When i dont use splitAT the grid values alignment are distorted in IE 9

Hope ythis helps to debug.

<code>var roleGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('roleGridDiv');

roleGrid.setHeader("<span title=''>Name</span>|#|#<span title=''>Enterprise</span>|#|#<span title=''>Description</span>",null,["white-space:nowrap;","white-space:nowrap;","white-space:nowrap;"]);

Please let me know if i can provide any further information

Unfortunately issue can’t be reconstructed locally, the same code works correctly with latest version of the grid.

Also, you are using split mode and in same time setting size of one of columns to *, in result right part of grid will never have scroll ( as it will be compensated by width of last column ), so the split mode is not necessary ( as without scroll - all columns will be always visible )

To resolve this issue, the html doc type should be set as follows

at the top the html/jsp page and within the head tag the X-UA-Compatible should be set as follows to work in the IE9 rendering mode.