Issue in scheduler unit view print when Hour scale enabled

hi ,

I have a scheduler page with hour scale enabled in it . if I tries to print the scheduler I’m getting an output like in the reference image .

please suggest me regarding this issue :slight_smile:


what version of the export tool do you use(php, .net, java)?

I did a quick check and from the first look it seems working ok with units view

There are some issues if the scale template contains custom html (which you can see here). As a workaround you can use a simpler template for the export

hi ,
Thanks for the early reply :slight_smile:

I’m using PHP as server side .

I used this code for making hour scaling template

var timIntervel = 15;
var intTimeFormat = 24;
var strTimeFormat = '%H:%i';
            strTimeFormat = '%h:%i %A';
        var format =; //append %A for AM,PM
        scheduler.xy.scale_height = 55;//sets the height of the X-Axis
        scheduler.templates.hour_scale = function(date){
                for (var i=0; i<60/timIntervel; i++){
                        html+="<div style='height:44px;line-height:44px;'>"+format(date)+"</div>";
                        date =,timIntervel,"minute");
                return html;

if I’m using this code its not working perfect . I’m sure that the version doesn’t support this feature .

is there any alternate to fix this issue ? , or can you provide a example to fix this issue.

Looking forward for your reply : )


this version of the export tool does not support complex templates for scale elements.
Probably the only option would be to print scheduler with the simpler scale:

hi Aliaksandr ,

I know this is the only way to get rid of this problem .

Thanks for your support :slight_smile: