issue in scheduler unit view

hi ,

can i put some space after an event box ,because its not possible to add an event with the same time of an already exsiting event , ( because it occupies the full width if i create an event or two or 3 ie it shares the total width) .

if i try to add the time new event to an existing time it will open in update mode of that event .
only alternate is that changing the time from the popup . instead of this can we put a space after the last event in a row ?

please suggest me regarding this issue .

thank you :slight_smile:

try this config … onfig.html

Note that is adds space at left of event boxes. If you want it to be at right side you’ll need to apply some css that adds a negative margin to event boxes and selection menus

hi Aliaksandr ,

Thank you , it worked :slight_smile: