issue in time line day mode


I have a scheduler page with timeline day mode enabled in it , but when I try to create an event by single click the sections are pointing incorrectly(event is saving in different date)

    scheduler.attachEvent('onEmptyClick', function(date, native_event) {
         var objCurrentEvent = scheduler.getActionData(native_event);
        //Getting old date object hour and date & appending into new date
        var intHours = date.getHours();
        var intMinutes = date.getMinutes();

        var glblCurrentSectionId = objCurrentEvent['section'];
        //converting timestramp to date object
        var objTempNewdate = new Date(glblCurrentSectionId);

        var intYear = objTempNewdate.getFullYear();
        var intMonth = objTempNewdate.getMonth();
        var intDay = objTempNewdate.getDay();

        var objNewDate = new Date(intYear,intMonth,intDay+1,intHours,intMinutes,0,0);
            start_date: objNewDate,
            end_date:, 30, 'minute'),

the problem is that the native_event will track the current mouse pointer , so if we scroll down to different date and try to create an event ,it will point to the another section.

Is there any alternative way to track the current section in timeline day mode (in single click ) ?

Thank you .