Issue on Recuring Events when first Sunday is on month 1st

Allways a Sunday is on the month first day it shifts all other events on the other Sundays.

The event below should be on the 4th Sunday not on the 5th as in the picture.

<event id='4' start_date='2012-10-01 00:00:00' end_date='9999-02-01 00:00:00' text='My Event'  event_length='86400' rec_type="year_1_7_4_#no" event_pid='0'/>

I solved it replacing ‘7’ by ‘0’ to represente Sunday on ‘rec_type’, like this: “year_1_0_3_#no” instead of “year_1_7_3_#no”.

The question are:

  1. Is it correct? Can I do that once the LightBox uses ‘7’ to represent Sunday and not ‘0’?

  2. How can I force the LightBox (or dataProcessor) to use ‘0’ to represent Sunday?