Issue populating combo filter in grid

I’m having an issue populating my combo filter in a grid. The filter is being added using the grid.attachHeader function with #combo_filter as a column argument.

When using the combo.put() function the label/value pairs seem to be added successfully, but are never updated within the grid’s combo filter list to be displayed. When opening the drop-down list, the entire list is blank, and only the first blank row can be highlighted. Calling combo.size() at this point returns a value that is > 0 and corresponds to the number of items added.

Please let me know if any more information is required for assistance.


When you creating combobox filter in  header it is filled with list of values which available in grid, this is automatic process. You can’t add the custom values to such combo.
To force refresh of combo values you can use

If you need a combo with custom values, you can create it manually as separate component and call grid.filterBy from onChange event of dhtmlxcombo.