Issue when freezing a column using outside the scroll area

I sent a query earlier related to freezing of columns in the grid through the context menu. I am able to achieve that by destructing the current grid and loading a new grid with splitAt applied to the newly loaded grid. Thanks for the necessary comments. That really helped.
Now my grid has around 60 columns. Out of which 17 columns are visible on the screen when the grid loads and the rest can be viewed using the scroll bar. The issue is that when I try to freeze any column till the index 16 it works fine. However, when trying to split the grid at an index(column) which is more than 17 (ie beyond the initial scroll area) the scrollpanes do not appear at the bottom. In other words, the splitAt do not work at all in this case.
Is there some extra configuration that need to be done so that I am able to freeze the columns beyond the default scroll area.


Try to use following workaround:

mygrid.splitAt(16); mygrid.loadXML("grid.xml", function(){ mygrid._fake._correctSplit(300);//descrease left part of grid to 300px });