Issue whith special characters


Hi every one

I am using dhtmlxGrid and dataprocessor to save, update and delete records in a mysql table in the server, they are working very good, the only problem is
when I try to update a record using dataprocessor and I write a special character, i have a problem because when I Update (the record), in the database are saved stragen characters, (example: i write declaracion and in the database the data saved is: Declaración).

The dababase is saving special characters so good from db administrator like phpmyadmin , (is not s a charset issue), but when I send the data using dataproccessor the data in the table, show this strange characters.

As you like the spanish has several letter like á,é,í,ñ that has problems with the application,

What can i do ? Technically all components works very good but in the database the special characters , change : corazón is saved as corazón

Thanks for all your help


By default component use utf-8 escaping. If you page doesn’t use utf-8 but some other encoding ( win-1252 or similar ) you can change the escaping type

Add the next command to the dataprocessor initialization



Oh thanks
I will to use this function, and I will see the results,



Thanks Stanislav, it works very good, thats the function…!!! :grinning: