issue with addrow and splitAt() function


Iam using grid.splitAt(1) function in my code.and i am using grid.addrow() functon for inserting a new row.a new row added at the bottom of the grid but 1st column is not visible.How can i make that as visible.

Be sure that addRow command executed after splitAt one.
If command valid parameters ( id of new row must be unique ) - row must be correctly added and visible visout any additional steps.
Are you using some complex mode ? ( paging, smart rendering etc. )


addrow command is executed after splitAt function.Iam using smart rendering mode.Id also unique.while adding new row was insertes but first column is not visible.if i click on the column header at that time the fist colmun of the newly added row is visible.why it is not visible intially while adding?

Problem not reconstructable locally.
If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed. ( you can send it directly to )


here is the code that iam using

        var restId = mygrid.cells(id,0);

Iam using splitAt(1) functionality.given value is set to first column of newly added row but it is not visible.if i clicked on header of that column then only it is visible.Iam using smart rendering function also in my code