Issue with checkbox component

I have my doubt with checkbox,the implementation principle of it differed from the radio component.From your samples,the checkbox value is setted by true or false,It can’t pass other values.

Below is radio’s code
{ view:“radio”, name:“field_i”, id:‘field_i’, height:80,click:“log”, labelWidth: 250, labelAlign: “left”,value:“2”, options:[
{ label:“only direct flights”, value: “1” },
{ label:“any flights”, value: “2” },
] }

Below is checkbox’s code
{ view:“checkbox”, name: “field_j”, id:‘field_j’, click:“log”, label:“find hotels”, position:“label-left”,labelWidth: 100, value: 1}
I want pass ‘p001’ value ,such as product code, how can i solve it.


Radio button and Checkbox differs in behavior, because radio button always define in group, while checkbox can be used as standalone input.

We will consider adding of “checkedValue” property, which will allow to configure returned value for the checked checkbox

As for now you can try to use segmented button instead of checkbox ( it allows to configure labels and values for both states )


I extremely expect your next version will be included this “checkedValue” property of checkbox.Because it is very convenient for using.