Issue with Excell Keymap + smartrendering and scrolling in G


We’re using Grid v2.5 Pro version and we have an issue with navigation using the Excell keymap and smartrendering.

It appears that we have almost the same issue that was described in the following link but only if we use the down arrow key or the “enter” key on the keyboard. … mal&q=8581

Actually, if we use the down arrow or the “enter” key on the keyboard (by keeping these key pressed continuously), the grid makes a loop and goes back from start as long as all the lines aren’t loaded. If we want to scroll down by keyboard by pressing continuously the down or enter key, we have first to scroll down and load all the data by using the mouse.

The problem appears only if we press the key continuously. If we press the down or enter key once for each line repeatedly, it works fine on unloaded data.

the row ids are OK and unique.

It works fine if we don’t use the Excel keymap but the mygrid.enableKeyboardSupport(true); function instead. But we’d like to see if it is possible to use the excel keymap.

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This issue confirmed and will be fixed at the next dhtmlxGrid version. If you need fixes immediately please contact directly