issue with finditem in tree


Iam using dhtmlTree in my code.

I used find functionality in our tree.

For normal characters it working fine.

But for special charactes it is not working fine(like <,>,$ …symblos)

Please provide me solution

It is very urgent.




Tree supports only text search.

You can try to modify the regular expression which is used to search text ( in the dhtmlxtree.js, line 3986):

searchStr = new RegExp(searchStr.replace(/([?*+\[]()]{1})/gi,"\$1").replace(/ /gi,".*"),“gi”);


i updated the regexp as below

 searchStr =  new RegExp(searchStr.replace(/([*^$&?><+\[]()]{1})/gi,"\$1").replace(/ /gi,".*"),“gi”);


But still it is not working for the special characters(<,>)

for remaing it is working fine for the firsrt time.

But for the 2nd time means if there is 2 records in the tree which have same special character 1st time it showed correctly.But second time it is not showing correctly.

please provide me solution




Please, see the answer … 54&a=12891