Issue With Gantt Grouping and View


Hi folks,

We are having some difficulties with gantt. We want to demonstrate all the tasks for per user under per team. So far we have completed basic listing phase and showed the total efforts for per user. However, the efforts on tasks are not showing up. I feel like this is because of gantt.config.resource_property. Because the user and tasks are being grouped by different keys. If we use the key for users, the result is like this. However, task key and must be different from the users’s key because of some technical difficulties.
Is it possible to update this property per row or something else? Or how should the data change that can serve for all the nodes. I am attaching a screenshot of our demonstration screen. The numbers I have added manually are what we are trying to achieve, yet no luck so far.


Any help appreciated.


Hello Matt,
There is no way to have different resource properties in the same Gantt configuration.

But the displayed values in the resource timeline depend on your implementation and Gantt API usage.

It is possible to assign different resource values for the same task:

We have the following example that can help you to start:

It is hard to suggest what might be wrong in your case. You can add your configuration to the following snippet and make sure that the issue is reproduced:
Then you can click on the Share button and send me the link.
I will check the snippet and tell you if there is an easy way to show the values in the resource timeline cells or you need to implement a custom solution.