Issue with Grid /TreeGrid and SWT Browser


We use the Eclipse SWT Browser emulating IE11 in our application for reasons. We want and need to change that from IE to something else and MSEdge seems like the most likely choice. However, when we do that the Grids and Tree Grids never finish loading. The onXLE event never happens and the grid configuration that is situated after that in the Javascript code never happens either. All of this works fine in true MSEdge and in the SWT Browser emulating IE11.
We are and always have been using the XML option. I’ve tried switching to JSON and with that in place the onXLE event happens but I still have not managed to see a grid in the results.
Given that we have hundreds of these grids and tree grids in the application a simple solution that does not require changing all of them would be appreciated.
We are using DHTMLX V5.


If i get it right the treegrid works well in MSEdge and Eclipse SWT, but fails in the Eclipse SWT emulating the IE11.

In this case most probably the problem is with the Eclipse SWT emulator, as originally everything works well.
Please, check the browser console for any errors in your browser console for more details of the problem.
Also please, check if your application works correctly in the original IE11, if it is possible.


Thank you but it’s actually the other way around, it has been working in IE11 mode for many years but we need to move to another browser. It is in MSEdge mode that it’s not working. To clarify, this works in true IE and MSEdge browsers, it is just in the SWT Browser emulating MSEdge that it does not.


Unfortunately the SWT browser itself is not supported officially by the dhtmlx, especially the specific modes of that browser.

Could you please, priovide a complete demo or a demo link, with your dhtmlxTreeGrid initialization so it could be tested locally.