Issue with keyboard navigation between cells and SplitAt


We’re using grid Pro v2.5 and having an issue with keyboard navigation while we use the splitAt function.

As soon as we activate the splitAt function (after init and before data load) we cannot navigate horizontally between cells with the keyboard whatever the method we use.

If we use the excel keymap, we can only switch between cells forward by using the TAB key but not with the arrows when it comes to the split separation.

And we cannot switch backwards between the split sections (shift + tab makes the focus on the header filter when it comes to the split separation and the arrow key make nothing and stops and the cell before the split).

If we use the enableKeyboardSupport(true) function it’s even worth as we cannot jump between the split sections at all by using the tab key. Forwards and backwards makes the focus on the filter in the header and doesn’t stay on the selected row.

We would like to use keyboard navigation and splitAt function at the same time as our grid is very large horizontally.

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spiltAt() mode is incompatible with navigation key maps.