Issue with Simple Scheduler App

I have followed the steps above to simply get data to display in the calendar. I continue to get following error: "Unhandled exception at line155, column 350 in localhost:1916/Scripts/dhtmlxSch … heduler.js.

Visual Studio brings up the .js file and highlights the following code: scheduler._temp=eval(scheduler._temp=eval("("+data+")").
Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or I am missing? I am using VS Ultimate 2013 and SQL Server 2012

I have the following setup:
–App_Data folder has DHTMLX.dll and DHTMLX.xml
–References has DHTMLX.dll from the App_Data folder
–Scripts folder has the enter dthtmlxScheduler folder and scripts

check the response from the Data.ashx - just open it in browser or check in Navigation tab of browser Developer’s tools.
Such error can occur if the Data returns an invalid response, or if DHXScheduler.DataAction specifies the wrong URL - and client-side receives a 404 page instead of the data.

The json data that you are loading is invalid
Please double check that load command points to the valid data feed, and that this data feed returns valid json data.

Thanks for the help, that worked.