issue with sorting and split functionality


Iam using dhtmlgrid1.5 .

In my code iam using splitat(1) functionality and smartrendering functionality both.

sorting is correctly working while clicked on headers.

But if i sort any column otherthan firstcolumn(i.e the column that use splitat functionality) and then sort the first column the sortindicator is not disappeared on the other column.

so 2 sortindicators are dispalyed at atime.

If i sort any other column other than 1 st column then only one sort indicator is appeared.

Please provide me solution



Problem fixed in latest codebase.
You can contact us directly at and provide your ref. number to receive an update, or just add the next line to the grid’s initialization

var state=mygrid.getSortingState();
if (state[0]<SPLIT_INDEX) mygrid.setSortImgStateA(false);

where - SPLIT_INDEX - index used for splitAt command