Issue with tabbing when you have frozen columns.

Hi all,

I am looking for a little help. I want to use dhtmlxGrid to implement a bus timetable. The stops are listed in a column on the left, and then each journey is listed in columns beside it. I need it to behave in the following manner.

  1. When you select a cell, instead of selecting the row, the column is selected.
  2. When you hit tab in a cell, instead of tabbing across the row, it tabs down the column.

By fiddling with CSS and hooking into the onEditCell, onRowSelect and onKeyPress events, I have managed to get the behaviour in 1) and 2) above.

However, when I freeze the first column, the tab behaviour breaks. More specifically, it stops working in the columns that border the frozen columns. In my case, this is the first and the last journey on the time table.

To demonstrate this, please take a look at this sample. Both grids are initialized using the example same code. The only difference is the XML feed.
The XML feed for the first grid has no splitAt.
The XML feed for the second grid has the splitAt in the afterInit section.

	<call command="splitAt">

If anyone has any advice on workarounds or bugfixes, I’d love to hear them.




This issue has been fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please update your files

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