issue with updateFromXML dhtmlxGrid to append XML to an exis


we are using dhtmlx 2.1 suite.

i use loadXMLString to load data into dhtmlxGrid control and later after user perform some action, i need to add new rows to dhtmlxgrid with out clearAll(false); and reload XML file.

For that, i am trying to use

updateFromXML(url, insert_new, del_missed, afterCall)

its adding new rows to Grid but if i send as XML file, but i am looking for updateFromXMLString() in dhtmlx?

How can i load a XML string insteadof XML file using updateFromXML() ?

Ref. … atefromxml

your quick reply greatly appreciated!


instead of updateFromXML() you can use following commands:

grid._refresh_mode=[true,insert_flag, delete_flag];

Thanks its working. using following code.

 SearchGrid._refersh_mode =[true,true,false];

now when i use SearchGrid.getRowsNum() -> It returns me previous row count but not the updated count after loading new rows.




We have tested the following code with the latest grid version - getRowsNum() returns correct number of rows (including new rows):

SearchGrid._refresh_mode =[true,true,false];


There is an issue in your code - should be _refresh_mode instead of ._refersh_mode

my bad, its working