Issue with using enableDistributedParsing for dhtmlxTree

I’ve a tree having 1000 nodes with check boxes. I’m using enableDistributedParsing(true, 400, 5000) to improve the performance of the tree rendering process.

I’ve attached an event to the tree using attachEvent(string name,function handler); and in the handler I wrote the code to sets the state of node’s checkbox usign setCheck(id,state);

This works fine if I use setCheck(id,state); to sets the state of node’s checkbox up to 400th node. If I try to sets the state of node above node id 400 then it won’t wotk.

If I turn off enableDistributedParsing(true, 400, 5000) then it works fine.Even if I increase the critical count number(here 400) to start distributing, then it will work up to that number of node id.

Is there any solution for this problem ?

Unfortunately only the rendered node can be checked.
In case of the enabled distributed parsing only the defined number of nodes are rendered, so only these rendered nodes can be checked. The only solution in this case is to disable the distributed parsing.