Issue with Weekly Recurring Event


I just installed this on ouor Scouts website, looks to be a great product. But I just tried setting a recurring event to run every Monday evening. When I saved the event, it changed it to an all day recurring event running every day of the week until 2014.

Is there some code I need to change? This is on Joomla 2.5.


Normally there is no need for any customization to have recurring events working.
If issue still occurs - please PM the url to the problematic page.

Hi I just tried it again, and have teh same result. It displays for a second on the calendar as if it will work, but the image attached is what happens.

I entered in Repeat every Monday, 41 occurances (to try that instead of an end date), but it changes from Monday 7-9pm to what you see below.

Any help is appreciated.

It seems as mode settings error, it seems that client side code doesn’t recognize recurring mode and incorrectly process event during loading.

So far there was no similar reports, so I’m unsure what is the reason.

Can you try disable recurring events in admin part, save, refresh admin part, enable recurring admin events, save, go to client side page, refresh it and try to create the recurring event again?

You are using latest version of component? ( have download it from in last two month )


Thanks, I tried that and same result. And yes I just downloaded it last week, (version 3.0). Any other ideas?

Just a note. It looks like it happens when I add the location. Without a location, the repeating event works fine.

Any ideas what might cause that?

issue is confirmed, updated version will be attached in next two days.

here is update available:

wordpress: (493 KB)
joomla_com_scheduler_v30_030912.rar (486 KB)


Thanks for this. To install it, do I just replace the files in the folder? I did that, and it had exactly the same issue when I added a repeating event.

Maybe I did something incorrectly, but when I tried to update the component through the cpanel, it gave me an error, so I just replaced the files.

I am also testing recurring events (Scheduler 3.0 on Joomla 1.15.26).

Looking at your image screen, do the following:

  1. for the Time Period, the dates must be the same for start and end. The time period is how long the event is on a day. If the dates are not the same, then it will appear as an all day event.

  2. If you wish to end by a specific date (instead of entering “after x occurrences”) I just discovered that the “End by” date needs to be in the format mm.dd.yyyy If I don’t enter in that format, the event ends in the year 2089. (However, when I did a test with bad installation of Joomla 2.5.6 due to wrong PHP version being used, the end date only worked for 01.01.yyyy.]

Got it to work, had to uninstall the original, then install through the tmp folder. Thanks very much, it works great now!