issues of loading xml format and select object on form


I am not uploading source files and testing aws hosting server.

I copied all files such as codebase and my sourses(php, Mysql). However, it does not work properly.

for example, previously used on window.

  1. I added “echo(’<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>’);” before sending data format from php server file.
    => now, I removed this line because window could not render this data.

  2. I used $options->render_sql($sql,"",“cd,cd_name”);
    => but, I changed xml format because rendering data included ‘<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>’.

  3. select object field on form
    it displays option data
    ==> but form.getItemValue() or form.setItemValue() does not work.
    key id has null value.

Please let me know how I should do on linux environment.

I have DHTMLX pro version 3.6.


Sorry, I am not uploading source ==> I uploaded sources

Provide us completed demo on with link to this topic - we will inspect it … pport.html

I have a solution of select filed on form object.
Render_sql() could not display because of xml tag on AWS linux and xmapp. ( I don’t have iadea. :cry: )
So, I used previously it like echo “<item id=‘abc’’ label=‘abc text’/>”; in pro ver3.6 and php.

I changed it into echo “<item value=‘abc’’ label=‘abc text’/>”;
Thus, it is cleared. but not yet xml tag.

I am finding further information.