Issues on IE10 ('childNodes': object is null or undefined)


I’ve an issue when I’m using IE10, I can’t open my spreadsheet and I’ve this alert :
" Unable to get value of the property ‘childNodes’: object is null or undefined "

This error is in the function chngCellWidth() [dhtmlx_code.js; Line 3299] at this line :

Do you have solution about that?

About this error, on your web page :

You have also this alert.


nobody has this error ?

I don’t see such error while checking the online samples from my side ( Win8 + IE10 )
Maybe you have some unusual security/compatibility settings.

Thank you for your answer that help me to understand issue.

I’m doing test on IE11 compatibility system and I think the problem is IE compatibility system (or IE in general) …

I tried with an other PC (Win7 + IE10) and i don’t have alert :slight_smile: !

BUT there is still an issue with column size when you tried to adjust them :
all columns are resized.