Issues using paging in dhtmlxGrid.


I am facing issues using paging in dhtmlxGrid.

I wanted to achieve the paging functionality shown in the features list:

I have looked into all samples provided for grid and I tried them. I
was able to achieve functionality whatever is shown in the Samples.

If you can send me a working sample with all these pagination features, that will be very helpful. … output.gif

email: getprashanth[at]gmail[dot]com

The paging functionality based on
extension, which is part of pro version and available only in pro version of grid.
The pro package contains few samples of paging, such as

I have the licensed dhtmlxGrid v.2.0 Professional edition build 81009/81107. i tried the sample page (pro_paging_wt.html) you pointed, but for me toolbar is not shown. I didn’t change any code too in the sample.

I have attached the page screenshot.


Can you help me out.


This online page too doesn’t show up properly. (Attached) … 2728767000


Working sample sent by email.