Issues with augmented native JS Array

i have found issue with augmented native JS Array. Standard Lightbox is not rendered correctly, not usable at all (see screenshot issue.PNG) . In my case I use SmartClient library which actually did augmenting of JS Array and I am able to fix it by applying following workaround:

But still this solution is working only for >IE9 (IE8 supports Object.defineProperty only for DOM objects, see … ific_notes).

Can you please fix dhtmlxGantt code (for … in loops are very suspicious) ? An augmenting of native JS Array is generally not anti-pattern…Please, see attached source code.

Version v9.1p_2014-04-09 (2014-04-09) SmartClient
dhtmlxGantt v.2.1.1 Standard

Thanks in advance.
augmentingArrayIssue.7z (248 KB)

I can confirm the issue.
It can be fixed relative easy, so we will include fix in the next build ( when fix will be available we will post it here as well )

Still, extending base object can cause problems may cause problems in some other places ( component was not tested with such constraints )