Issues with dhtmlx scheduler in


I am using DHTMLX Asp.Net Scheduler Trial version.

Following are the issues which i am facing.

  1. On deleting a newly created event when I try to delete it, it gets removed from the scheduler but on refreshing the page it gets back.I checked in the database on clicking the delete it doesn’t get deleted from the table due to which it comes back on the screen.

2)If I create an event which starts on day 1 and ends at day 2 then its shown at the top displaying it ranges in both the days . Is it possible to distribute the event in both the days.

3)The events created can be extended from the bottom to increase the duration of the event can it be possible to increase the duration by resizing from the top.

4)Can we select multiple events and drag them in the scheduler.

  1. If in point 2 we cannot distribute the event in two days can we display the menu options for editing and deleting the event.

Are the above features available in the full version.


  1. Probably it means that deleting is not handled correctly on server side. Try placing a breakpoint into ‘Save’ action and check what does wrong

  2. This is a default mode, it can be changed with following setting:

scheduler.Config.all_timed = DHTMLX.Scheduler.Settings.SchedulerConfig.AllTimed.Multiday;

  1. Unfortunately it’s not possible, due to inner implementation of an events.

  2. This functionality is not available out of the box. Technically you can implement multiple selection and handle event-drag of multiple events manually. But it will require some coding on the client-side

  3. Although (2) is possible, you can also check the ‘QuickInfo’ tooltip, it replaces default selection menu and works in all modes of the calendar … _extension

Thanks Aliaksandr for a prompt reply. But I still am getting error for the multiday event in the trial version.
I have attached screenshot for the same.

Kindly suggest what wrong I am doing.


we’ve confirmed the bug. Please try the updated version of the component from NuGet or from