Item Editor Bug?

I’m trying to turn on item editor only on second click, because I need a different behaviour on double click.
So, I set tree.setEditStartAction(true, false); but the handler still gets called on double click and the double click handler is ignored.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a very obvious bug here?

Editing on double click can not be disabled if click on a selected item opens an editor. Double click fires two click events: the first selects item, the second opens editor.

You may use the following workaround:

  1. enable Editing
  2. disable editing on click and double click
  3. set own onClick event handler that will call editItem method when it is needed.

Here is the example:

tree.enableItemEditor(true); tree.setEditStartAction(false,false); var selected, selectTime; var dblDelay = 400; var editDelay = 1500; tree.attachEvent("onClick",function(id){ var diff; if(selected&&selected==id){ diff = (new Date()).getTime()-selectTime; if(diff<dblDelay){ alert("double click action"); } else if(diff<editDelay){ tree.editItem(id); } } selectTime = (new Date()).getTime(); selected = id; });

This approach of detecting double click does not seem to work in IE9.
I did some testing and it seems the second click does not fire the onClick event in IE9.