I've multiple questions

Hi, I’ve multiple questions related to Scheduler.

1. I’m trying to use it with ReactJS + ReactStrap. Unfortunately, the styles are not working.

I’ve read other threads and I know that there are conflicts with Bootstrap, and mods have provided some fixes. I’ve replaced the updated files but it is still not working. Anyone tried with ReactStrap?

I think the issue is with box-sizing, position (everything is absolute), and height.

2. Is there a way to provide any custom query parameter when dynamically loading events?

Getting all the events and then filtering on the client side is not a good solution for me.


Sorry, I don’t remember issues with styles in Scheduler with React. I also tried to find topics with similar problems using the search on the forum, but unsuccessfully.
If you can provide with the demo the I can run locally, or link where the issue can be reproduced, I will try to help you.

If you mean this dynamic loading,
unfortunately, there is no any custom parameter.
As for the filtering, Scheduler filters events from the current view, not all the events.

Probably it makes sense to filter events on the server side for your case. If you provide more details about the functionality you try to implement, maybe I can help you with something else.