Java Action + dataprocessor + grid


I come here in order to ask you some help. In fact, i have make a program which a grid and a button. When we click on the button, the datas are sent to a database. How does it work ? I have a dataprocessor which is linked to the grid. The url that i have putten into the dataprocessor is an action ex : . So, when we click on the button, the java action is launched. With this action, i send the datas of the grid into the database. The action resend on a xml page which permit to show an alert if there is an error. Everything works but the matter is that it works only one time. When i click an other time on the button, there is nothing which happens. And i don’t understand it. In fact, the button permit to launch the function : dataprocessor.sendDatas().

Please, do you have an idea on what i can do in order to resolve this matter ?

Thanks you for your help.


Please try to use dhtmlxConnectors for Java extension. dhtmlxConnector is a set of Java classes which helps to simplify server side operations related to dhtmlx library components (dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxCombo, dhtmlxScheduler). Please check tutorial here … orjava:toc
You can download beta version here …

Please, do you have an idea on what i can do in order to resolve this matter ?
a) data will be sent only if there is some changes in grid
b) be sure that first operation returns valid XML response ( grid may still await confirmation of the first operation )

Hi everybody,

Thanks you for your answers. Finally, people who works with me told me that they have already had this matter. Everything is ok but it seems that the dataprocessor does’nt want to resend the datas. In fact, they said me that it comes from a matter with the “cache”. However, they didn’t want to say me how to resolve the matter (in fact, i am a student and i have to find the solution by myself posting on this forum). So, i come back to ask you some help.s If someone ha an idea, it will be nice to tell me please :slight_smile:.

Thanks you for your help,


Normally POST must be never cached by browser, only GET requests can be cached.
In case of GET request, issue can be solved by adding some random elements to the URI