Java Connectoir problems - using MSSQL



I am trying to connect and load data into a grid. However, the servlet is reporting the following error.

com.dhtmlx.connector.ConnectorOperationException: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM USER u WHERE u.USERNAME LIKE 'John%' ResultSet may only be accessed in a forward direction.

Seems to be a problem when using MSSQL - works fine with MySQL.

I have tried MS jdbc driver and also jTDS driver as well - both present the same error.

Can you please advise how to resolve this.


Apologies, burning the candle at both ends!! I had the GridConnector defined as DBType.MySQL instead of DBType.MSSQL :blush:


asark, do you have a working example for dhtmlx -> servlet – MSSql server, i am starting with this a dont have any idea, i’ve some examples without success (grid is not populated with db data), looks like render_table is not working.

Thanks in advance
Orlando Torres