Java connector- dynamic load -grid structure from connector

I am using the java connector with the grid structure

GridColumn column3 = new GridColumn(); column3.setHeader("Address"); column3.setWidth(210); column3.setSort("connector"); column3.setId("ADDRESS1"); config.addColumn(column3);

How do you add a connector filter to the header? I see the solution in the PHP docs but not in Java.

When I set it from the javascript the filter header will show until you type something in, then it will disappear, presumably because it is not defined in the connector.

You can use



column3.setHeader("#connector_text_filter"); //connector.js must be included on the page

I have already used setHeader. Using it again removes the text. I need attachHeader.

Extra header lines added similar to js api

//this is JAVA code String[] labels ={"some","#text_filter","some","some","some"}; grid.addHeader(labels);

Thanks works great!