Java Connector for Tree

Good afternoon,

I bought the component dhtmlxGrid_v20_pro_81009 in 2008 (request 223409855) and today is working very well! Now I need to buy the component TREE, but from what I observed it meets 80% of my needs, the 20% it is the java connector which apparently is not answering:

1-) I use Struts 2 and Spring with a service layer to get the information from the database, ie, the command below does not respect my architecture.

TreeConnector TreeConnector c = new (conn);
c.render_sql (“SELECT taskId, TaskName from complete tasks WHERE> 49”, “taskId”, “”,“”," TaskName parentId");

I need something that could read an ArrayList or Simplebean (java):
TreeConnector TreeConnector c = new (conn);
c.render_myJavaObject (myJavaObjectBean);

2-) else, the spring manage my connection to the database, so another alternative would be to instantiate the object TreeConnector without passing the connection?

TreeConnector TreeConnector c = new (conn);

3-) else, as I am using Struts 2 and Spring, has some way to use java connector (DHX) without using a simple Servlet, and instead using an Action (Struts)?