Java Connector options for scheduler … ns_in_grid

Can you give a working example of this please

You can check next samples in full package

They are for grid, but uses the same api ( set_options ) to define list of options in addition to main data.

BaseConnector filter1 = new OptionsConnector(conn); filter1.render_sql("SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTR(item_nm,1,2) as value from grid50","item_id","item_nm(value)"); c.set_options("item_nm",filter1);

I do not understand the third parameter of the render_sql. There are multiple variations all over the place and I can not get any to work.

Try to use

      filter1.render_sql("SELECT  DISTINCT SUBSTR(item_nm,1,2) as value from grid50","item_id","value,label(value)");

options connector must return set of data with two properties value and label
In you case you are selecting only one, so label(value) means take “label” from “value” field

Null Pointer at com.dhtmlx.connector.BaseConnector.parse_request(

when using

sections.render_sql("SELECT EMPCODE,CONCAT(LNAME,', ',FNAME) as label from EMP","EMPCODE","value(EMPCODE,label(label)");

log gives me nothing

Probably must be

sections.render_sql(“SELECT EMPCODE,CONCAT(LNAME,’, ',FNAME) as label from EMP”,“EMPCODE”,“EMPCODE(value),label”);