Java connector (with sql server 2005) records not populating


I am using sql server 2005 and the connection using java connector is successfully established,but is unable to populate records .The error i am getting is

DB query

SELECT item_id,item_name,item_code FROM item_mast

Error during data selecting

Invalid SQL: SELECT item_id,item_name,item_code FROM item_mast

ResultSet may only be accessed in a forward direction.

Thanxx in advance…

Try to use the attached jar instead of the original one.
( fixes issues with SQL server , adds support of dhtmlxForm ) (112 KB)

Appreciates the speedy reply…

Included the new connector file but still data not populating…

Now the error comes in the alert form

and the error console is showing


It sounds as some configuration specific error, at least it not a message generated by connectors for sure.

Please be sure that servlet is correctly mapped - try to call servlet url in the separate window.

the servlet is correctly mapped 'coz i am getting the result output printed to my console using system.out.println().Please see the attached java file.
itemmasterservlet.rar (630 Bytes)

Code looks correctly for me.
Which webserver you are using? ( local test were done on Tomcat, but it must work on any servlet capable server, as code doesn’t use any specific APIs )

We are also working on tomcat only…

Why the error ‘no element found in’ is coming in the javascript error console?!!

not quite sure, maybe because of incorrect xml response generated by the server.
connector’s response must be a valid xml

So the solution is …!!!

It doesn’t possible to reconstruct the same issue locally - so it is hard to suggest anything.