Java libraries to generate JSON for DHTMLX components



I’m evaluating DHTMLX libraries and interested in using the JSON format of defining HTML elements and representing data. (that is use JSON as data input for HTML).

We use Spring MVC and our screen definitions, data are spread across multiple schemas having dynamic web flows.
Given that scenario, we want to generate HTML based on database data and use JSON to represent data (and generate screen) with UI validations.

We find the JSON way of data input/building HTML pages will be useful. However there is no Java APIs which are available to generate JSON so that we can generate GUI instead of generating JSON for each HTML control. (I found few controls have direct java connector which are useful to load data from database to Grid or something) but I’m expecting Java API library so that we can create instance of HTML controls based on DB data and render them using JSON (from the Java API Library).

Is creating JSON from server side using java code is the only option?

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Ananth Krishnan