JavaPlanner JSP to Thymeleaf


I’d like to integrate JavaPlanner with Thymeleaf, sounds possible ?
Should I rewrite all JSP files, or has anyone heard of something ?


Thanks and regards

method javaplanner.render() returns just a string with html/css/javascript. So you should just place it on page as html.


I succedded integrating the html/css/javascript string within my Thymeleaf template but I’ve a slight display bug (see attach). Here is my controller :

@RequestMapping(value = “/handleLogin”, method = RequestMethod.POST)
public ModelAndView handleLogin(@ModelAttribute(“user”) aUserAccountEntity user, Locale locale, Model viewModel, HttpServletRequest request)
throws Exception {
System.out.println("Logging in USER = " + user.getLOGIN());
final ControllerScope controllerScope = new ControllerScope(servletContext, request, locale);
final LoginService loginService = HomeInjector.injectLoginService(controllerScope);
final aUserAccountEntity userAccount = loginService.authenticateUser(user);
if (userAccount != null) {
final HttpSession session = controllerScope.getSession();
session.setAttribute(“USER_ID”, userAccount.getUSER_ID());
session.setAttribute(“USER_NAME”, userAccount.getLOGIN());
} else {
return new ModelAndView(“authentication-failed”);

	ModelAndView scheduler = new ModelAndView("scheduler");
	        scheduler.addObject("body", SchedulerCreator.getScheduler().render());

            return scheduler;


and my Thymeleaf template :

<div th:include="layout :: footer" id="footer">(footer)</div>

Any Help ? Is it a HTML5 integration known issue ?