javascript error

Hi Support,

I have a small issue I’m hoping you can help with.

I’ve just recently downloaded the free suite and am using the compressed file dhtmlx.js.

I make a call to create a new accordion object but it fails with the following on line 2329:

this.base is null “this.base.className = “dhx_acc_base_”;this.w = this.base.offsetWidth;”

Any ideas?




please check that id of accordion container is used correctly:

Whoops, just my reply as a new question, sorry.

I have checked and the name is corrct in script and HTML.  When I used the codebase file, it works, its only when I use the compressed version that it doesnt.

We have tested the compressed version of the accordion. It seems that it works correcly - attached folder.

Please, be sure that you include windows libraries to the compressed version (46.5 KB)

It appears the problem is with jquery.  If i exclude the jquery library then it works fine.


It’s weird that jquery causes the issues with our libraries. If you want, you can provide us the sample that reproduces the issue - possibly we can help.