Javascript List with dhtlmxGrid?

Hi There…

I’m just reading about dhmtlxGrid and I cant find a way, and I dont know if it is possible, to use dhtmlxGrid with a javascript List…

In my web page, I make a select and I wanna paginate(in a non editable way and with not all columns) this results with dhtmlxGrid…

What is the easy way to do this? Where I can find an example?

Thanks In Advance…

PRO version supports the built in pagination support - so you can just set the page size, and next call js commands such as
the pro package contains related samples.

In case of pro version, there is no built in support, but you still organize it by custom code
Something similar to next will work

where some_url.php any kind of server side script which will return XML in grid format for necessary page