job scheduling with units and days

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a scheduler component which allows me to show units (resources) on the X-axis and time (days) on the Y-axis. In the “live demos” section ( I found the “Job Scheduler in Java Struts” example which is really similar to what I need to do, yet I need to have the days instead of the hours, in the “unit” view option.
It would be great if anyone could tell me if this is possible to do, becouse I don’t find any info about this.

Thank you very much in advance.


There is no way to show days in the unit view, but you can check timeline view. It can show dates and persons in the same time, but dates will be on x scale and persons will be on y scale.

( all screenshot show only hour scale, but you can use date, week, month scale as well )

Hi Stanislav,

thank you very much for answering me, you really saved me a lot of time. The fact is that I need persons on the X and time on the Y (I was commissioned to do so), and it’s really tough to find a component that does that (by now, I’ve found just one); all those components I’ve found show person(Y) and time(X) but almost no one does the contrary unfortunately.

Thank you again anyway