Joomla 1.6

Hi, do you have a version that will be compatible with Joomla 1.6

There is no separate version so far ( as there is no stable version joomla of 1.6 as far as I know )
If plugin system of joomla 1.6 is backward compatibly - existing version of scheduler must work ( it doesn’t relay on functionality of joomla, so must not be seriously affected by new version )

Hi and thanks, I am beta testing 1.6 so I will give it a go later and let you know.

Tested in joomla beta7, component installs ok but I was unable to create a link to it via menu manager. Have raised it as possible bug with Joomla but may be that scheduler is not compatible yet

We will check from our side as well

As for now components functionality is blocked by the next bug … m_id=20434

There are few other small issues, but they are fixable on component’s level.
When above issue will be fixed, we will be able to provide Joomla 1.6 compatible version of scheduler.