Joomla 2.5. exporting pdf does not recognize russian letters

I have installed the latest version of DHTMLX Scheduler for Joomla.
Language pack works well everywhere except exporting schedule in pdf.
I can see only empty spaces where the russian (and for example latvian) text is in pdf.
Could You help? How can I solved this problem?

You are using online export, right ?
Please be sure that you are using UTF as page encoding, that is the only requirement.

Thank you for advice. I checked - the page encoding is UTF-8 (also as DB encoding).
Maybe there could be another solution?

And - yes, I’m using online export!

If you have the online demo where it can be checked - please PM the link.

The link of the website / schedule: … ,mode=week

The printscreen of the pdf is attached.

Thank You alot!

I can confirm the issue.
We will try to provide some workaround in the next few days.


Maybe there is some new information?
You sad it’s you could confirm the issue.

Thank you in advance.