Joomla and Collision event

I enabled the collision events including the in the default.php page in the admin component. Is it correct?
Now I can not schedule two event in the same time slot, but I’d like that the application show me a alert message when I try to save an event (if it is not free).

  1. create a event for the time slot: 10.00 -11.00
  2. try to create a new event for the same time slot, when I click save, the component show me a popup with a message: “the slot is not free, try to another time”

Someone can help me to understand how to improve it?


you may turn on option “Prevent events overlapping” in scheduler admin panel - it includes file dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js to page.
Try to add the follow code in file scheduler_include.html:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventCollision", function() {
    // add your alert here