Joomla backend didn't work

I’m a newbie in Joomla and I intalled schedular component for joomla.
But administration panel didn’t work. I think It cannot connect DB.
progression bar continues.

Do you have any solution about this?

Here are my system info

PHP Built on: Linux uwa64-019 #1 SMP x86_64
Database Version: 5.0.90-log
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
PHP Version: 5.2.9p2
Web Server: Apache
Web Server to PHP interface: apache
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.18 Stable [ wojmamni ama wojnaiki ] 27-May-2010 18:00 GMT

You can try

a) load the admin page in different browser
b) uninstall component, grab fresh package from …, and install it again

Old version of package has js issue when loading admin page in IE, which cause effect very similar to one , on your screenshot.


I’ve got a simular problem.
When i log in to the backend, i can see the settings (fe 680px). But once i change hem (fe 700px) and choose for save, he returns towards 680px.

I’m using joomla version 1.5.17 with the latest scheduler.
Only IE 7.0 available on this machine. :blush:

Thanks for your suggestions, Stanislav

But I already tried other browsers(firefox, chrome), and uninstalled and reinstalled the component with removal of previous db tables. But I didn’t solve this problem.

So I edited DB content manually.
I got satisfactory result with manual editing of scheduler_options - scheduler_php values

But I don’t know how to edit custom field values

this items

customfields{:}scheduler.config.lightbox.sections=[{name:“text”, height:150, map_to:“text”, type:“textarea” , focus:true},{name:“recurring”, height:115, type:“recurring”, map_to:“rec_type”, button:“recurring”},{name:“time”, height:72, type:“time”, map_to:“auto”}];
customfieldsNames{:}scheduler.locale.labels.section_text = ‘Description’;

I want category selection in custom fields like Math, English, Science …
and display different title color in scheduler
Could you show me the way how to get this result?

And I have one more question.

I use yootheme template and it’s dropdown menu display behind scheduler in firefox
In Previous version of scheduler component, I solved this problem with changing z-index
in dhtmlxscheduler.css from dhx_cal_container{z-index:999;} to dhx_cal_container{z-index:0;}

But I can’t find same code in new version and can’t solve it.

Please give me the suggestions about above two problems…

thanks in advance…

Please try to use the updated version

thanks, Stanislav
but your updated version didn’t solve my problems.

Could you show me the way how to make custom fields manually(DB value editing and code modification)?

I really want to use this scheduler in my site.
I don’t know PHP or mysql, so precisely… please…

Thanks in advance…

[code]{prefix} - wordpress database prefix (usually ‘wp_’)

  1. add field to database
    ALTER TABLE {prefix}events_rec ADD {field_name} TEXT NOT NULL

{field_name} - name of custom field

  1. take xml from database
    SELECT option_value FROM {prefix}options WHERE option_name=‘scheduler_xml’;

  2. convert configuration to readable view (usually Ctrl+H can be usefull):
    3.1) replace all occurences of &ltesc; with <
    3.2) replace all occurences of &gtesc; with >

  3. add to xml section

4.1) text custom field

{field_name} - name of field in database
{field_dsc} - description which will be shown in detailes form
{field_height} - height of field in pixels

4.2) select custom field

{option1_dsc} {option2_dsc} ...... {optionN_dsc}

{field_name} - name of field in database
{field_dsc} - description which will be shown in detailes form
{option1_name}, {option2_name}, …, {optionN_name} - name of every option

4.3) select custom field, use color

{option1_name} {option2_name} ...... {optionN_name}

{field_name} - name of field in database
{field_dsc} - description which will be shown in detailes form
{option1_name}, {option2_name}, …, {optionN_name} - name of every option
{option1_color}, {option2_color}, …, {optionN_color} - color of every option in RGB format (#ff00ff)

4.4) select custom field, use units

{option1_name} {option2_name}

{field_name} - database name
{field_dsc} - description which will be shown in detailes form
{option1_name}, {option2_name}, …, {optionN_name} - name of every option

4.5) select custom field, use color, use units

{option1_name} {option2_name} ............... {optionN_name}

{field_name} - database name
{field_dsc} - description which will be shown in detailes form
{option1_name}, {option2_name}, …, {optionN_name} - name of every option
{option1_color}, {option2_color}, …, {optionN_color} - color of every option in RGB format (#ff00ff)

  1. back processing xml (usually Ctrl+H can be usefull):
    5.1) replace all occurences < to &ltesc;
    5.2) replace all occurences > to &gtesc;

  2. save result in database
    UPDATE {prefix}options SET option_value=’{xml}’ WHERE option_name=‘scheduler_xml’;

  3. increment scheduler_xml_version
    UPDATE {prefix}options SET option_value=(option_value + 1) WHERE option_name=‘scheduler_xml_version’;

  4. update scheduler page

  5. if scheduler doesn’t work
    9.1) check in database xml

&ltesc;templates_eventbartext&gtesc;&ltesc;![CDATA[return “&ltesc;span title=\”"+event.text+"\"&gtesc;" + event.text + “&ltesc;/span&gtesc;”;]]&gtesc;&ltesc;/templates_eventbartext&gtesc;

here should be double slashes!!

thank you for your kind explanation, Stanislav
But it seems difficult to me, I’ll try.

By the way, in your explanation, you change scheduler_xml value.
I’m Joomal user and I changed scheduler_php values to make effects
changes of scheduler_xml value make no effect.

Is your explanation for wordpress, not for Joomla?
I’m Joomla user, check please…

thanks in advance.

The admin part of scheduler generates XML description , which is stored in DB, this is the same for both WP and Joomla plugins.
PHP translates this XML configuration to the correct scheduler’s initialization code.

Changing directly in PHP code is more tricky ( while in php code it will require multiple changes, it need a single new line in configuration XML to register new field )

If you able to provide demo link to the admin page which doesn’t work correctly ( you can send PM with details ) - the original problem may be located and fixed, so you will not need to do any manual changes.

Thank you so much, Stanislav !

With updated patch version, my problems are all clear.

I really appreciated your great support.

thanks again.