Joomla & IE8 Javascript error with custom fields

I’ve installed the Joomla Component and it worked in FF. But in IE8 I got javascript errors. When I make a new custom field it says “New filed1” But when I click on it I het a scripterror. Is this easy to solve?

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Bericht: ‘options’ is empty or not an object
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Thanks in advance!

I forgot. I use Joomla 1.5.18! And also the settings I made can not be saved. And again FF has no problem…

When creating custom field , which type you have select?
If it was a “select” field, you need to add at least one options ( can be done in the same custom field wizard )


No, I just push “Add new Field”
The text “New field 1” is added to the listbox
To change values I’ve to click this item
And when I click the yellow exclamation appears
(See the screenshot)


Is there nobody who can help me? :unamused:

Unfortunately we are not able to reconstruct the same issue locally. How long ago you have install the scheduler module? Version which was available in first few hours after release had some problems with script in IE, so you can try to grab the latest one and update. …

Did sent you a PM


Problem was confirmed.
Fix will be included in oncoming update ( patched file sent by PM )