Joomla Plugin - Adding features similar to standalone sample

Hey there,

I downloaded the standalone app to have a look at the samples and saw some cool features that would be handy for my Joomla component.

Is it possible for me to add the functionality through the php file or are they completely different (standalone compared with plugin)?

I’m not too good at coding so I’m not sure if I’m completely wrong but I can generally work things out.


Component , which is used in the schedulre, are basically the same as in standalone samples, it just has not configuration settings for related operations.

Basically you can

  • update js files included in the component with ones from latest scheduler package
  • alter code of com_scheduler\site\models\scheduler.php , by adding necessary js commands.


Cool, thanks for that. I was thinking it would be something along those lines. I’ll have a play :smiley: