Joomla - XML Pop up, saving with "Debug" &"Private mode"


I’ve a problem with saving the conigutation with checked option “Debug” and/ or selected “Private mode”/ “Private extened mode”.

There is a XML popup with debug mode:

There is another XML popup with the private modes:

A suggestion, are there some side effects with the german umlaute?

… and on the debug screenshot there is a part with “WP_PLUGIN_DIR/event-…”, is this something from the word press plugin?

Joomla 2.5.6
PHP 5.2.13


… additional information:

I created a user with an username with a german umlaut…

after creating a new event with this user there ist another xml pop up:

Plugin expects that text data in DB stored as UTF-8 strings.

If you are using different database encoding ( win-1252, iso-8859-1, etc. ) it may cause error during xml processing for umlauts.

You can check collation of database and events_rec table.
If issue still occurs - please provide a link to page where it can be checked ( you can send me a PM )

As for debug mode issue - problem confirmed and will be fixed in few days.

Hi Stanislav,

thanks for your reply…

Everywhere “utf8_general_ci”… pn is coming. :wink: