JQuery datepicker plugin in fully custom light box

Hi, does anybody have experience of using JQuery date picker plugin in fully custom lightbox.

I’m trying to use it but I have problems with dates formating.
For example I create event on August the 3rd - then if I change format of date picker to “dd/mm/yy” I got March the 8th selected in datepicker

New update:

I have changes start_time in the ViewModel from DateTime to String. In the controller value in format dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm is saved there.
Then there is a breakpoint in the View and there is also correct value in the Model.

But in the html that I got from server format is changed to MM/dd/yyyy.

I have this problem only with lightbox control, for example popup works correctly.

Can you please help?

Can this format be affected by scheduler.config.api_date ?
I’m trying to change it but can’t understand what it really did to dates in scheduler