jQuery Mobile + dhtmlxScheduler = no scrolling?

I have a jQuery Mobile (1.0) app, that when inserting dhtmlxScheduler, won’t scroll.
It seems to be a compatibility issue with “dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.js”.

I added the scheduler to a div:


<div id="schedulerDiv" style="height:417px;width:320px;"></div>


dhx.ready(function(){ dhx.ui.fullScreen(); dhx.ui({ container: "schedulerDiv", view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler" }); });

I tried to go back to the jQuery Mobile demo-page in its simplest form, but the output is still the same (this is with Phonegap in Xcode). I read here that others use Scheduler with jQuery Mobile, so - did anyone experience the same issue / have a fix?


Yes, I had the same problem.

You need to dhx.Touch.disable() for all non schedulers views.

Then dhx.Touch.enable(); when you show the calendar view.

This still doesn’t stop the scheduler from binding to ALL document click events.

Ideally I only want the dhx scripts to come into play when I’m using a calender.

Thanks for your reply!


Hey, I’m also having this problem, can you post some sample code so I can see how dhx.Touch.disable() / dhx.Touch.enable() work?

Thanks for your time!

I have same issue…Could you please consider this in next version as bug?

You can use the following statement

In this case, dhtmlxTouch (mobile scheduler) will process only events occurred inside dhx components.

thanks, Its working now.